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It’s been indescribable capturing these births, I have been apart of, with photos and now being able to tell the same story, but in a different way and bringing so many other different emotions with film. Coming into someone’s birth space if it be a hospital birth, birth center or home birth it is always just a blessing to be apart of. So many different details and things going along with each one, to tell their story.

From Roxie’s Mama (Natasha):

I totally had no recollection of my last birth besides small snippets of my quick three hour labor. (Felt like one!)This time I wanted to remember and be more aware and if I couldn’t have that then I wanted to have it recorded in time with photos and video. I ended up getting both! I remember waking up at 3am with contractions that felt strong and just different. I had a feeling it was really real this time! I stayed by myself in the kitchen for a half hour tracking my contractions to make sure they were consistent and sure enough they were every five minutes and lasting a minute long. I called my midwife and told her what was happening. She said she bet it was the real thing and didn’t see it slowing down so she was on her way! I texted my photographer and told her things were feeling real this time unlike the two other times I had texted her with my braxton hicks hoping it was time.

I had my membranes stripped the day before since I was a week past my dude date so my mom had decided to spend the night. I went in and woke her up and next I woke up my husband. I expected things to fly by without me being conscious of anything, but it was the opposite. I remember SO much. I labored on the ball for a while and kept checking the clock for some reason. I just wanted it to be over and I knew my last labor was pretty fast so I thought checking the time would make me see an end in sight. Instead it just made time drag on so they took away the clock! I was in the tub and could feel Roxie moving down, I could feel her little feet and hands moving around. I could feel when the contractions were about to come, when they were at their peak, when they were dying down, and I could feel the slightest change in pressure on my back whenever Chris or my midwives changed their hand positions on my lower back. I knew they were all suffering and working so hard to help me and support me! I just didn’t want to feel anything anymore! Chris was being the most supportive husband letting me use his body for all the different positions I required. He was pushing on my back but I could tell he wasn’t comfortable. Eventually he ended up in the tub with me to get a better position for both of us. I joked with him knowing full and well he didn’t want to be in there, but he would do anything to help me be more comfortable. Labor still wasn’t happening fast enough for me so I asked what I could do to speed it up. I was told I could get out and walk around….which ended up being a painful decision, but the right decision. I had the two worst contractions after that, the first on the birth ball where I could see way too much blood and also where my water broke. Then the next on the toilet, where Chris tried to help support me but there was no pressure on my back and I thought my body was going to explode! It hurt so bad!

I was then directed to the floor near my bed. I knew before labor that I didn’t want to have Roxie out of the tub because they just come out a big bloody mess, but in the moment I didn’t care anymore I just wanted to be done with it all. I got on my knees and used the birth ball and Chris for support. I felt like she was ready to come out almost immediately. I could literally feel her coming out and then going back in a couple times…that was frustrating. My midwives helped me push slowly and more controlled so that I would have minimal tearing, avoiding a terrible recovery like last time. I could feel the ring of fire and I swore I was tearing, but my midwife assured me I wasn’t. I remember yelling I’m tearing, I’m tearing and she kept saying back, no you’re not I’m telling you you’re not! Once her head was out I could feel her little body turn, preparing me for those shoulders next! It was just so weird to feel everything so distinctly! Then in no time she was there! It seemed like it was forever, but it was only 4 hours total which they say is pretty quick. Roxie had done amazing the whole time. She came out all calm and collected just like her sister had, looking all around and right up at me. It was such a sweet moment. She let out her little newborn cry and I was honestly just so relieved that it was over! Relieved and full of joy that we finally had our precious new baby girl!

July 26, 2018 | 7:03am | 7lbs 11oz 21in

Widwives | Jacquetta and Clarissa with New Beginnings Birth Center

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